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Halloscreem! The Halloween Board Game

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Halloscreem is Ace Murder Mystery's fantastic new board game aimed specifically at Halloween parties for kids aged around 8-13!


The game requires the players to solve the murder or Crown Prince Caligula III by using a unique play method to deduce the murderer, motive and weapon via three different methods of memory, strategy and cunning.


However, Halloscreem's big selling point is that it has been designed to provide a complete scary Halloween party experience for kids.


Although the game can be played as just an enjoyable board game - it can also be played using the 'extra scary option' whereby players turn their own house into Crypto Castle by nominating 5 places or rooms in their own house as the castle's 5 corner rooms.


Then, when visiting this room on the board (to view suspect cards), they must visit that room/place in their house to view the card (placed there by parent). The game is played using torches and the house lights are turned off. Our 'scary music CD' is played in the background to add real tension and excitement, and additionally, two intermittent 'Scream CDs' are also played and if a ''scream'' is heard as a player makes his move, they must miss a turn.

This combination of torches, darkness, screams and scary music provides a nerve jangling experience, full of nervous excitement - and the kids love it!


This game provides a fantastic focus for a kids Halloween party in addition to the normal activities of bobbing apples or trick and treat etc.


(Some parents may prefer this game to 'trick and treat' activities)


However, whichever way you choose to organise your Halloween party - this game will be a terrific hit with your kids!


It really is a fantastic game for Halloween! Why not give it a try and send in your reviews afterwards for us all to see?


We are launching this game this year, and we have only an initial batch of 500 in stock for 2010 - so please purchase now to avoid disappointment!



To celebrate the launch of our new board game we would like to offer Ace Murder Mystery customers the following incentive deal:

1. any Halloscreem! buyer who purchases their game before 31st October 2010 and submits a party photo+comment to our new review blog feature before 10th November 2010 will be entered into a prize draw for USD 170.

Unlike with most prize draws you will be able to see your chances of winning by looking at how many reviews we receive prior to the draw (held 11th November 2010). If no one else but you buys the game or submits a review, then you'll win the money!



Any buyers of this game who submit a photo review, but do not win the first prize, may still claim any one of our other games for FREE! (inc postage)

We are willing to offer this amazing promotion as obtaining good reviews is essential when launching any new product - so that's why we're happy to do this for new Halloscreem! customers.

Hopefully this will be a win-win situation for both parties :)


(*Torches not supplied).




Halloscreem box, board and contents
Halloscreem box, board and contents
Halloscreem board, suspect card and weapon card
Halloscreem board, suspect card and weapon card
Halloscreem rules - page 1 of 2
Halloscreem rules - page 1 of 2

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