A Case of Treasure and Treachery (A5 box)
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Pirate Murder Mystery

A Case of Treasure and Treachery (A4+ box)

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All of our murder mystery games contain:

Instructions, 10 Character Booklets, 10 Invitations (with character descriptions and colour portraits to assist with costume selection), Secret Clues, Menu Suggestions, Table Place Names, 10 Envelopes, Narrative CD. There is no difference in the game contents or script between the A4 and A5 box versions.

Pirate Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
Pirate Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
Pirate Murder Mystery Part Game - treasure and treachery - bigbox and contents
Pirate Murder Mystery Part Game - treasure and treachery - bigbox and contents
Pirate Murder Mystery Part Game - treasure and treachery - smallbox and contents
Pirate Murder Mystery Part Game - treasure and treachery - smallbox and contents


A Case of Treasure and Treachery

A hoy there me hearties, and welcome aboard...

Buried within this great game,
be a real treasure of a mystery . . . for 8-10 jolly Rogers!

Pirate Characters


Pressgang your fellow landlubbers into a voyage of discovery,
where each will transform into a double crossing,
booty chasing buccaneer, for a night of thrills, spills and laughter!


Prepare to hit some rough 'high C's,
with our smugglers and their sea-shan-ties!
Featuring some familiar pirate faces…


Pirate Ship


S et in the old pirate hideout of Port Royal, Jamaica, our story revolves around the recent murder of Captain William Kidd, one of the Caribbean's leading pirate warlords.


Shortly before his murder, Captain Kidd experienced an overwhelming sense of his own impending doom. He immediately took steps to settle his affairs and requested that if his premonition came true, his attorney should call for a meeting of all his closest associates; a group from amongst whom he was sure his killer would emerge.


As well as being a shrewd judge of character, Kidd was also a man of foresight and cunning, and he decided to risk everything he had, in an attempt to gain his revenge.


In an effort to catch his killer, he devised the most fiendish of challenges - one that he knew his murderer would find hard to resist!



The Eight Murder suspects: (hover over each one to learn more...)

Bluebeard TextBluebeard
A ruthless pirate Captain with a fearful reputation for never taking prisoners. He owns a large fleet of ships and enjoys the 'high-life' ... or at least he did, when times were good.

The Black Widow TextThe Black Widow
The Black Widow:
Widow of the late pirate Blackbeard, who died 25 years ago. Still mourning his loss, she keeps herself busy running the Jolly Roger Inn, a favourite drinking den of the local Caribbean pirates.

Sir Henry Morgan TextSir Henry Morgan
Sir Henry Morgan:
Governor of Jamaica and wealthy privateer to King George III. He rules the colony with an iron fist, not least by ruthlessly hanging independent pirates and smugglers.

Lady Chastity Morgan textLady Chastity Morgan
Lady Chastity Morgan:
Aristocratic wife of Sir Henry, and niece to King George III. Increasingly bored with Jamaican society, she yearns to return to England.

Long John Silver textLong John Silver
Long John Silver:
An old rogue and pirate who, after being marooned, lived alone on a remote island for twenty five years, until his recent rescue.

Scarlet Reid TextScarlet Reid
'Scarlet' Read: Also know as Mary Read
A swashbuckling dandy of a pirate. His foppish nature occasionally raises eyebrows, but he is a fearless fighter - renowned for wearing blood-red (scarlet) shirts for combat. (Female role!)

Blind Pew TextBlind Pew
Blind Pew:
A sinister old smuggler, he lost his sight in a gunpowder blast before being taken in by The Black Widow, for whom he now works as a 'handyman' and message deliverer.

Anne Bonnie TextAnne Bonnie
Anne Bonnie:
The daughter of Black Widow and the late Blackbeard, she captains her own ship, whilst operating under the command of her uncle Bluebeard.

plus two optional characters
Roger Cabin Boy TextRoger Cabin Boy
Roger the Cabin Boy:
A young sailor boy of fifteen; he has served loyally on Captain Kidd's ship since being orphaned at the age of ten.

Tia Maria TextTia Maria
Tia Maria:
Serving wench at the Jolly Roger Inn. A dusky beauty with a warm and friendly nature; she is a firm favorite with the local sailors, many of whom shower her with gifts and affection.


T he year is 1776 and the North American continent is in a state of turmoil. A Declaration of Independence absolving all allegiances to the British Crown is expected imminently from the United States Patriots, the huge consequences of which will be felt far and wide, now and in to the future. One place already feeling the effects is the nearby Caribbean, where a fragile truce between rival pirate warlords is on the verge of collapse, as existing loyalties are strained and new rivalries emerge. These and other problems, are set to be addressed at this year's Pirate Council Annual General Meeting, which is due to be held, as always, at the Jolly Roger Inn, in Port Royal, Jamaica.


However, on the eve of the meeting, as the ships arrive in port, the town is stunned by the murder of Captain William Kidd, a leading Caribbean warlord and Pirate Council member, who is found with his throat cut, on the steps of George III House, the Governor of Jamaica’s official residence.


That initial shock is soon replaced by bewilderment, when Jeremiah Hatchet, Captain Kidd’s attorney, calls an urgent meeting of those named as beneficiaries to Kidd’s estate. However, in order to be eligible for a share in the fortune, each of the invited guests must first agree to a most unusual proposal; one specifically designed to catch the Captain's killer!

Pirate Motives - Power, Greed, Passion, Hatred, Revenge, Love and Ambition


I n amongst the treachery, deceit and mischief that ran through Captain Kidd's wild and barbarous life, we find a none too surprising array of motives for murder amongst the assembled guests:


All eventually rear their heads in a night most will wish had never happened. All guests should try to unravel the tangled threads running through the evening's rich tapestry, until they finally arrive at the killer's door!


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