A Taste of Transylville Terror (A5 box)
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Halloween - Ace Murder Mysteries

Halloween Murder Mystery

A Taste of Transylville Terror (A4+ box)

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All of our murder mystery games contain:

Instructions, 10 Character Booklets, 10 Invitations (with character descriptions and colour portraits to assist with costume selection), Secret Clues, Table Place Names, Menu Suggestions, 10 Envelopes, Narrative CD. There is no difference in the game contents or script between the A4 and A5 box versions.

Halloween Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
Halloween Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
Halloween Murder Mystery Game - large box and contents
Halloween Murder Mystery Game - large box and contents
Halloween Murder Mystery Game - small box and contents
Halloween Murder Mystery Game - small box and contents
A Taste of Transylville Terror


T rapped inside this great game,
you'll find a hair raising, spine-tingling mystery,
for 8 - 10 bodies!


Halloween Characters

Invite your closest fiends to an evening they'll never forget,
where each will transform into a truly horrific character,
before your very eyes!


Prepare to raise the dead in a night of thrills, spills and chills!
Featuring some frightfully familiar faces...

Transylvanian village of Transylville


S et in the small Transylvanian village of Transylville, our story revolves around the recent murder of local beauty queen, Virginia Vestalata.


Her killer sits amongst a strange group of friends, gathered together for an anniversary celebration. That person, however, has every reason to keep their involvement a secret.


As a relative of one of those present, Virginia was protected by the group's binding 'Oath of Allegiance', but it would appear as if someone...has broken their bond!


If those present can deduce the murderer correctly, the guilty party will receive their just deserts, and Virginia's soul will be able to rest in peace.


However, if the group fails, the killer will escape prosecution, and Virginia's soul will spend an eternity in torment, endlessly searching for justice, whilst trapped in the barren 'Netherworld'.


~ ''The Land of Lost Souls'' ~


A desolate place between this world and the next.



The Eight Murder suspects: (hover over each one to learn more...)

Count Dracula of Transylvania TextCount Dracula of Transylvania
Count Dracula of Transylvania:
Feared and almost immortal vampire, who has lived for over 3000 years in his dark, magnificent castle, by drinking the blood of others.

Bride of Dracula TextBride of Dracula
Bride of Dracula:
Vampish siren well into her 4th Century as Dracula's 7th and current wife. Her youthful appearance belies her years, but for how long?

Dr Jekyll and My Hyde TextDr Jekyll and My Hyde
Dr Jekyll and My Hyde:
Unknown but brilliant experimental scientist, who wrestles with his increasingly dominant alter ego, a monstrously sadistic villain.

Wicked Witch textWicked Witch
Wicked Witch:
Reclusive spinster who revels in the misfortunes of others. Once beautiful, her looks now reflect her personality: hard, cruel and...green.

Frankenstein's Monster textFrankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein's Monster:
Creation who is rejected and unloved by both his uncaring father and society. If he cannot inspire love then he will instill fear.

Kruella Le Deville TextKruella Le Deville
Kruella Le Deville:
Mean, cruel and ruthless woman. She will lie, steal and plot to get whatever she wants, and she doesn't care who gets hurt in the process.

Gomez von Adums TextGomez von Adums
Gomez von Adums:
Eccentric patriarch of a strange family, he likes to shock with the macabre and bizarre, but keeps a few skeletons well locked away.

Morticia von Adums TextMorticia von Adums
Morticia von Adums:
Dark beauty and matriarch to her beloved family of ghouls and eccentrics. Her calm exterior hides a ferocious temper.

plus two optional characters
Lurchio von Adums TextLurchio von Adums
Lurchio von Adums:
Large, frightening but faithful manservant to the von Adums family. He may appear slow-witted, but is really very astute, and knows many secrets.

Poison Ivy TextPoison Ivy
Poison Ivy:
Ex-botanist, but now a criminally evil seductress who is immune to poison. She wants revenge for her best friend Virginia's murder.


S et in The year is 1856, and we find ourselves in a remote Transylvanian market town: Transylville.


Its inhabitants range from mainly agricultural laborers to landed aristocracy, but they share their village with several strange characters of a seemingly more sinister nature. The local murder rate is far higher than should be expected, but the lack of evidence at each new crime scene usually leaves the population bewildered, if not slightly suspicious of their strange co-habitants, that is, the guests assembled tonight.


This evening's party has been arranged to celebrate the 20th Wedding Anniversary of Gomez and Morticia von Adums. However, the festivities have been overshadowed by the recent death of local beauty queen, Virginia Vestalata, who was pushed to her death from the village church bell tower only two days ago. The townsfolk are outraged and, once again, the finger is pointed at the usual suspects: those gathered for tonight's festivities.

Halloween Motives - Hatred, 





Love, Ambition


I n amongst the tangled webs of deceipt which wove their way through Virginia's short but troubled life, we find a none too surprising array of motives for murder, amongst the assembled guests:


All eventually rear their ugly heads in a night most will wish had never happened. Guests should try to unravel the threads running through the evening's rich tapestry, until they finally arrive at the killer's door.


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