Le Mystere des Masques (A5 box)
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French - Ace Murder Mysteries

French Murder Mystery

Le Mystere des Masques (A4+ box)

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This game is for 8-10 players and contains:

Instructions, 10 Character Booklets, 10 Invitations (with character descriptions and colour portraits to assist with costume selection), Secret Clues, Menu Suggestions, Table Place Names, 10 Envelopes, Narrative CD. There is no difference in the game contents or script between the A4 and A5 box versions.

Le Mystere des Masques Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
Le Mystere des Masques Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
French Game - 8-10 players - large box and contents
French Murder Mystery Party Game - large box and contents
French Game - 8-10 players - small box and contents
French Murder Mystery Party Game - small box and contents


Le Mystere des Masques

I mprisoned within this great game, you'll find a
real aristocrat of a mystery...just dying to escape!


“Play a far, far better game than you have ever played,
with this revolutionary new French murder mystery
French Characters - where you really can have your cake and eat it!”


Hold your own Masked Ball…and chain,
and masquerade as some famous faces from the world of French fiction!

Bastille Fortress


S et amidst the social upheaval and political turmoil of late C18th France, our story revolves around the shocking assassination of the country’s reigning monarch - King Louis XVI!


Despite his enforced detention in the forbidding Bastille Fortress, preparations for the King's official 40th Birthday Party are almost complete, when, suddenly,  his lifeless, poisoned body is found slumped across his dressing room table, by the party's host and organiser, Cardinal Richelieu.


Or so it first seems!


However, as Richelieu rushes to raise the alarm, he is shocked to discover a second, 'living and breathing' Louis, casually strolling around the castle's inner courtyard, seemingly without a care in the world.


A brief examination by the Cardinal reveals that the two men are identical in almost every respect, and, he is therefore unable to tell them apart.


With the future of France at stake, Richelieu knows he must solve this mystery as quickly as possible if he is to avert a potential disaster, and save the country from ruin.



The Eight Murder suspects: (hover over each one to learn more...)

King Louis 16th TextKing Louis 16th
King Louis 16th:
The deeply unpopular King of France (if he is who he claims). He has almost bankrupted the country, and caused division and chaos throughout the land.

Marie Antoinette TextMarie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette:
The much despised Queen of France. Her decadent and immoral ways have contributed hugely to the monarchy's unpopularity.

Robespierre TextRobespierre
An angry student campaigner and political activist. His attempts to overthrow the monarchy and bring power to the people, have landed him in jail.

Charlotte Corday textCharlotte Corday
Charlotte Corday:
A modern day Joan of Arc: Her striking looks and rousing speeches have made her a figurehead of the revolutionary workers movement (at least whilst her boyfriend Robespierre is in jail).

The Count of Monte Cristo textThe Count of Monte Cristo
The Count of Monte Cristo:
A recent arrival to Paris. His phenomenal wealth has opened doors to the highest levels of society, although almost nothing is known about him.

Louise de la Valliere TextLouise de la Valliere
Louise de la Valliere:
King Louis's most stunning and long-standing mistress. She has served him well since catching his eye as a young milkmaid, many years ago.

D'Artagnan TextD'Artagnan
The youngest ever Commander General of the French army. His rise from dashing young Musketeer to First Officer has been spectacular.

Milady de Winter TextMilady de Winter
Milady de Winter:
A devious and cunning diplomat. She was the king's most deadly secret agent, until being jailed for treason.

plus two optional characters
Quasimodo TextQuasimodo
The hunchbacked head warden at the Bastille prison. Although almost completely deaf, he doesn't miss a trick.

Esmeralda TextEsmeralda
Accused of a terrible crime of passion - this beautiful gypsy girl was rescued from the mob by Quasimodo and offered sanctuary inside the Bastille prison.


T he year is 1791 and France continues its headlong slide into a state of anarchy and terror. As the starving French people riot openly in the blood-stained streets, leaders of the country's various rival factions continue to quarrel and fight in their attempts to sieze outright control.


Meanwhile, following their desperate failed attempt to flee the country, the deeply unpopular King Louis 16th and his equally despised wife, Marie Antoinette, have been taken to the Bastille fortress, where they are now being held under guard, ''for their own safety''.


In a brave attempt to inject a small degree of normality back into the royal couple's lives, Cardinal Richelieu decides to continue as planned, with the  Masked Ball he was intending to hold in honour of the King’s 40th birthday - albeit on a much smaller scale, with just the jail’s four current residents, and each of their guests, in attendance.


However, with just an hour to go until the party begins, Richelieu is horrified to discover King's lifeless body lying slumped across his dressing room table, having been poisoned with some form of deadly toxin!


Confusion soon replaces shock, however, when a second ‘living and breathing’ Louis then appears, identical to the first, and claims that he is the real king, and that the corpse is obviously just a ridiculous imposter!


With the future of France at stake, Richelieu realises he must enlist the help of all those attending the ball, if he is to catch his killer and unravel this mystery, before news of the terrible events escapes, and a panic takes hold of the city!

English Motives - Power, Greed, Passion, Witchcraft, Revenge, Love and Ambition


The Motives for Murder:

I n amongst the political plotting, passion and power struggles that surrounded King Louis we find a none too surprising array of motives for murder amongst the assembled 'guests'


...all eventually rear their ugly heads in a night most will wish had never happened. Each guest should try to unravel the tangled threads running through the evening's rich tapestry, until they finally arrive at the killer's door!


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