A Backful of Bullets (A5 box)
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Cowboy - Ace Murder Mysteries

Cowboy Murder Mystery

A Backful of Bullets (A4+ box)

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All of our murder mystery games contain:

Instructions, 10 Character Booklets, 10 Invitations (with character descriptions and colour portraits to assist with costume selection), Secret Clues, Menu Suggestions, Table Place Names, 10 Envelopes, Narrative CD. There is no difference in the game contents or script between the A4 and A5 box versions.

Cowboy Game Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
Cowboy Game Murder Mystery Party Game Boxes - small and large
Cowboy Murder Mystery Party Game - large box and contents
Cowboy Murder Mystery Party Game - large box and contents
Cowboy Murder Mystery Party Game - small box and contents
Cowboy Murder Mystery Party Game - small box and contents


A Backful of Bullets

H owdee Partner!
Take off your tin star - and deal yourself in
to this 5 star mystery for 8-10 players!


Yeeeh haaar!

Cowboy Characters


Round up your fellow desperados for a high-stakes
Wild West poker night where the 'winner-takes-it-all'!
Then watch 'em lie, steal 'n double-deal 'til the cows come home!


You can bet your bottom dollar this night of thrills and spills,
 twists and turns, will draw a full house of sly tricksters!
Featuring some familiar cowboy faces...

Tombstone, Arizona


O our story is set in the dusty mining town of Tombstone, Arizona, and involves the brutal murder of the infamous outlaw Jesse James, who has been ruthlessly shot in the back, whilst taking a bath in his room at the Crystal Palace Hotel.


Jesse and his brother Frank, both of whom carried huge bounties on their heads, had slipped into Tombstone the previous night, in order to play in the celebrated Annual Tombstone Poker Tournament.


This notorious game, run by Poker Alice, always takes place under a shroud of secrecy and is a strictly 'invitation-only' affair. Despite intense public interest, the exclusive guest list always remains a closely-guarded secret until play is just about to start.


However, only an hour before this year's game is due to begin, and shortly after Frank's own appearance causes a stir of excitement amongst the gathering crowd, four loud shots ring out from Jesse's room on the first floor.


Amidst the ensuing chaos, the murderer quickly escapes through the bedroom window, leaving few clues as to their identity. However, once the initial commotion subsides, Frank realizes his brother's killer must be one of the players taking part in that night's game, as they were the only ones who even knew Jesse was in town. With very little to go on, he decides to gamble everything he has, in a high-risk attempt to catch his brother's killer!



The Eight Murder suspects: (hover over each one to learn more...)

Wyatt Earp TextWyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp:
The Sheriff of Tombstone. As two of Tombstone's longest residents, he and his wife, Cattle Kate, are much respected pillars of the local community.

Cattle Kate TextCattle Kate
Cattle Kate:
The owner of South Starr Ranch. As well as being sheriff Earp's wife, she's a well-known, self-made businesswoman, having risen from once humble roots.

Cole Younger TextCole Younger
Cole Younger:
A 'wanted' bank robber. He is the joint-leader of the outlawed James-Younger gang, and his brawn and Jessie's brains have proven a formidable combination.

Belle Starr textBelle Starr
Belle Starr:
The long time girlfriend of Jessie James. She's the West's most infamous woman outlaw - having robbed banks and trains from Arizona to Virginia.

Doc Holliday textDoc Holliday
Doc Holliday:
The Mayor of Tombstone. His position as the town's only doctor, and his skill with a deck of cards, have brought him considerable wealth.

Poker Alice TextPoker Alice
Poker Alice:
The owner of the Crystal Palace Hotel and Saloon Bar. She's a shrewd ex-saloon girl, who, having worked her way up from the bottom, now spends her time and money at the card table.

Billy the Kid TextBilly the Kid
Billy the Kid:
The son of Jesse James and Belle Starr. He is his parents' creation - a ruthless killer who's phenomenal speed on the draw is now unrivalled.

Calamity Jane TextCalamity Jane
Calamity Jane:
The daughter of Wyatt Earp and Cattle Kate. She is the owner of the town's stables, the 'O.K. Coral', and her skill with a horse and rifle are now legendary.

plus two optional characters
Jack Daniels TextJack Daniels
Jack Daniels:
The heavy-drinking barman at the Crystal Palace Saloon. He hears most of what goes on in town, though his discretion can always be assured - well, until late in the evening, at least.

Blaise West TextBlaise West
Blaise West:
The glamorous and sultry singer at the Crystal Palace Saloon. She has many admirers, but is either the instigator of, or subject for, most of the town's more salacious gossip.


T he year is 1882; the American West has yet to be won, and one place engaged in the constant daily struggle is the dusty town of Tombstone, Arizona.


A flourishing mining town, its residents fall into two opposing camps: those looking to get rich quick - prospectors, ranchers and merchants, and those looking to get rich even quicker – thieves, card sharps, and gunmen.


The long arm of the law has so far managed to keep these two conflicting sides far enough apart for the town to prosper, but, with the situation now spiralling dangerously out of control, the town’s future is beginning to look increasingly uncertain.


One thing never in doubt, though, is the notorious annual Tombstone Poker Tournament. Despite intense public speculation, the game’s ‘high-roller’ guest list remains a closely guarded secret from all but the participants, until the game is just about to start. However, an hour before this year’s players are due to appear, the town is stunned by the news that one of them, the outlaw Jesse James, has been ruthlessly gunned down in his room at the Crystal Palace Hotel.

Cowboy Motives - Power, 

Passion, Fame, Cash, Hatred, Revenge, Pride, Love, Ambition


I n amongst the mayhem and madness that ran through Jesse James's wild and shocking life, we find a none to surprising array of motives for murder amongst the other invited guests:


All eventually rear their ugly heads in a night most will wish had never happened.
Each guest should try to unravel the tangled threads running through the evening's rich tapestry, until they finally arrive at the killer's door!


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