Arabian Murder Mystery

Arabian Murder Mystery

Ali Baba and the Arabian Assassin: 8-10-12-14 player 'downloads'

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Ace Murder Mystery's fantastic new game 'Ali Baba and the Arabian Assassin' has been specifically created in a 'downloadable' format.


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These easy-to-print files are produced to a high quality - and are comparable to the other games in the our range.


This game will also soon be available in a 16 player version.


This excellent game, with a strong plot, is suitable for all groups and all ages above 12 years.



This 'downloadable' murder mystery game contains:

Party Instructions, Character Booklets, Invitations (with character descriptions and colour portraits to assist with costume selection), Table Place Names. All files will be sent by email within 24 hours or order.

Arabian game contents - instructions, character booklets, Genie script, Invites and Table Place Names
Arabian game contents - instructions, character booklets, Genie script, Invites and Table Place Names


Ali Baba and the Arabian Assassin

S audi Partner!

It's time to Sheik-ya-Booty and pop A-ladd-in tights
for a perfect Persian Panto' - of the Old Arabian Nights!

Arabian Characters


Trapped like a Genie, inside this 'corker' of a game,
you'll find a madcap carpet caper - that's ready to fly again.


So light up your lamps, and get your rugs out for a spin,
for a dish-dash round the dunes - on a quest you Beda-win!


Arabian Palace


S et in the bustling metropolis of medieval Bagdad, our story revolves around the shocking murder of arch fixer and cunning schemer, Ali Baba


Unable to choose between suitors for their daughter Jazmine's hand in marriage, King Shahryar and Queen Scheherazade decide to hold a competition, to find the best candidate.


Many impressive contenders try their hand, but all are amazed when the winner is declared to be Ali Baba, a local Baghdad shopkeeper!


That amazement turns to shock, however, when Marid the Munificent, a hastian blue Genie, appears shortly before the wedding, and reveals that the groom has just been found poisoned - and wants to know who's responsible!



The Eight Murder suspects: (hover over each one to learn more...)


Up to eight additional non-suspects: (hover over each one to learn more...)

10 player game includes:


T he year is 1056 and we find ourselves in the lively, bustling city of Baghdad, at the heart of the Greater Persian Empire.
Despite leading his armies to many impressive victories and bringing untold wealth and power to his country, King Shahryar remains deeply unpopular with his people. The reason for this antipathy can be traced back to the period of insanity that beset the King after his first wife betrayed him, during which time he embarked upon a dreadful campaign of revenge, which saw him marry and then execute a new bride, with the dawn of each new day.


The campaign of terror only ceased when his 1000th wife, the present Queen Scheherazade, began recounting to him the ever-evolving tales of the Arabian Nights, which immediately captured his imagination and persuaded him to spare her life.


Twenty years later, and the King's marital problems have returned, only this time in the shape of his daughter - the Princess Jazmine. Despite receiving an impressive array of suitors from around the world, Jazmine's stubborn refusal to choose a husband, eventually leads the King to hold an amazing competition for his daughter's hand in marriage. Against all the odds, the contest is surprisingly won by a local shopkeeper, Ali Baba, but an even greater shock occurs, when the groom's lifeless poisoned body is discovered in the storeroom of his bazaar, only hours before the wedding is due to start.



I n amongst the trickery, deception and double dealing that ran through Ali Baba's devious and mischievous life, we find a none too surprising array of motives for murder amongst the assembled guests:


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