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All of our highly acclaimed murder mystery games feature famous faces and familiar places from the wonderful world of fact and fiction.

With a magical mixture of powerful plots and terrific twists, cleverly concealed clues and side-splitting scripts, Ace have created a classic range of murder mystery parties that are simply sensational!

Designed for 8-16 players, these great games provide all you need to host the perfect murder mystery party in your own home, but, like an Ace detective, don't just take our word for it; please examine the evidence from our rave customer reviews - all supported by party photos!

Hosting the finest murder mystery games and parties - worldwide!

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Ace Murder Mystery’s mission was to create the best murder mystery party games available. We did this by:

  1. Using ‘real’ characters from history and fiction, our murder mystery plots feature actual historical events so players can step back in time to ‘become’ famous characters for a night.
  2. making our games ‘solvable’ by the players, using the clues provided. Most other company's murder mystery dinner games are not solvable.
  3. pitching the ‘difficulty’ of each game at the correct level. Most players feel they could have solved it, but only some will.
  4. adding as much fun and laughter as possible. Each question in our murder mystery games is as funny, embarrassing or interesting as possible.
  5. using a variety of humour styles throughout the games. Gentle double entendres, puns, innuendo, quick-witted replies etc are used throughout the games.
  6. employing both 1st and 2nd person questions/answers, which offers ease of use and the freedom to ad-lib.
  7. creating brilliant ‘6th sense’ style ‘twists’ for each murder mystery game. We only release a game if it has a great ending to it.
  8. by not using contracted writers we were not restricted by time or cost - each script was finely tuned over a long period.
  9. Good quality artwork. Our booklets, invitations and boxes contain full colour pictures by talented artists. This increased our costs, but our customer appreciated it.
  10. Optional characters add flexibility to your party size. Our optional characters are fully involved in the plots, with carefully constructed questions and lines that pass seamlessly to others if they are not present. Our optional players do not feel irrelevant or inferior, which could cause hosts problems.
  11. Customer reviews - please see the many wonderful reviews and warm feedback from our REAL customers.

    We hope you'll try our murder mystery games, and if so we’d love to hear your comments. We have a blog section with over 90 (to date) genuine reviews, and we’d love to see yours there as well!

Ace Murder Mystery Games wish to thank: Kagan M, Stevie R, Ian L, Paul, Malcolm & Jeff, Tim, Mark B, Ian n Gill, Simon Simon and Phil, our customers, families and friends.

Murder Mystery Dinners, Party Games & Ideas for Teen & Adult Parties. Halloween, Pirate, Western, French, Masquerade Ball themes. Ideal for Hosting Birthdays & Group Costume Parties at home! Ace Murder MY57ERY

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